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Gourits deep sea charters

Enjoy the route from the Gourits River, through the surf, to our local fishing banks!

Call us now to book a trip of a lifetime:

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Gouritsmond Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Gouritsmond Deep Sea Fishing


Gouritsmond, situated between Stillbay and Mosselbay is one of the best locations for deep sea fishing in South Africa. Gouritsmond is famous for its large cob, with an average weight of 8-15 kg, but catches of 40 kg and higher are often recorded.

The other commonly targeted fish species are hake, poenskop, yellow tail, skipjack, tuna and bottom fish like red romans and rock cods. Our best fishing months are from October to April.


Charter Prices

R 1200 per person


Minimum of three persons per charter

Bait & Tackle included (bring your own if you wish)

What to bring with you:

Food and beverages for the day


A hat

A warm jacket


Tag and Release / Rare Species

We firmly support tag and release in order to preserve our rare fish species.

Therefore, only trophy photos may be taken of rare species (like a Poensie) - tag and release is mandatory.

More abundant fish species may be kept if they are size.

For more information on the tag and release programme, please visit

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